Top Benefits of AI in E-Commerce: ArtificialIntelligence & Online Shopping

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly conquering the online market in India. You must have experienced it too. Have you ever received an automated mail about the recommendations of products that interest you? If yes then you have experienced the world of Artificial Intelligence. You must have also witnessed chats with an AI bot on the eCommerce applications that clear your queries for the products and any other questions from you. AI is slowly becoming an integral part of the online shopping world.

The pandemic has provided a lot of boost to the E-Commerce sites, now people are preferring online shopping rather than offline shopping and the eCommerce owners are grabbing this opportunity to attract more customers, they apply many schemes on their products that favor the customers and hence people prefer eCommerce sites for shopping.

The biggest hurdle for eCommerce owners is that they have to take care of customer demands and also they have to answer some tricky questions from customers like they can ask fraud questions along with other common queries. So to handle all this, AI is the most suitable option and it’s helping online shopping sites in keeping the customers engaged with them.

AI can boost your overall sales and market value in this online shopping world. You can improve your productivity through the public feedback provided by AI. Artificial Intelligence is the reason the public can share direct and easy feedback to the eCommerce sites. The businesses using AI have rapidly increased over the years and are not going to slow down anytime soon. There are so many benefits of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce :

1. Personalized Customer Experience

Every customer using a shopping site is different and expects uniqueness from the sites. AI provides a personalized experience for every single person visiting the site and willing to shop from there. It actually can predict every move of the customer and hence works accordingly. AI provides recommendations to the customers to add the desired product to the cart or directly buy it. It also urges customers to share their reviews of the products. Nowadays, many shopping sites are having surveys to know about the customer experience and AI plays a vital role in this process.

● They are available 24×7 for customer service
● Customers can get access to every facility provided by the eCommerce site with the help of AI
● AI enhances trust and loyalty along with the sales

2. Product Recommendations According to Customer’s Interests

Every customer has different kinds of interests and AI has data of their searches for products on the site hence it starts recommending similar products to the customer and therefore the sales increase and it gives benefits to both owner and customer as the latter gets their desired product and the former gets to benefit in their business. Sometimes the majority of
sales increase due to this recommendation factor of AI. With such recommendations, one can get a variety of prices and offers for their desired products.

3. Virtual Assistant

All this process is done by a virtual assistant. We are not unknown to VAs, in fact, VAs are available 24×7 in user service and clear all their queries. E-Commerce sites are preferring the VAs. Along with them, nowadays voice bots are also in trend, they ask users to say what they want and give the required information to the user. So it’s very beneficial for eCommerce owners as customers can easily grab the product they want with the help of VAs hence they see a rise in sales.

Thus AI is truly transforming the E-Commerce industry rapidly. The AI is improving the efficiency of online shopping sites and enhancing good customer experience. However, there are still some hurdles in this as improvements are still needed in the AI algorithm as many times they fail to meet the customer needs. This should be fixed for a good customer experience.

The key takeaway of the AI technology in eCommerce is that the companies now are taking wiser decisions keeping in mind the customer needs and future visits to their sites as AI can predict the customer’s behavior and analyze accordingly.

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