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United States

Amazing! Neeraj has taken full control of this project and is steering into a great direction. He has come up with cost cutting ideas, is make the whole team gel together and keeping us all on the same page. 5 stars is not high enough! will continue working with him until this project is complete.



United States

Thank you so much Neeraj for quick assistance. I really liked your work and the way you explained me the work was impressive. The quality of their work and their ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner were truly impressive. I highly recommend Neeraj and would gladly give them a 5-star rating.



United States

Neeraj is an exceptional individual who possesses a helpful and open-minded nature. Working with him has been an absolute pleasure, as he consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to providing valuable assistance and support. Collaborating with Neeraj is a rewarding experience, and I would gladly work with him again in the future.



United States

Neeraj is a pleasure to work with. He consistently demonstrates his skill and diligence in every task he undertakes. His commitment to excellence is evident in his work ethic and the quality of his deliverables. Neeraj's attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines make him a valuable asset to any team or project. I highly recommend his services.



United States

Neeraj is a highly skilled individual who consistently demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility, hard work, and reliability. His skill set is impressive and he has the ability to tackle challenging tasks with ease. Neeraj's expertise in his field is evident in the quality of his work and his ability to deliver exceptional results.



United States

Very well done. He did his work perfectly. Overall, Neeraj's excellent performance, enjoyable working style, and potential for future collaboration make him a valuable asset to your team. I highly recommend considering him for any upcoming projects, as his skills and work ethic will undoubtedly contribute to their success. I enjoyed working with Neeraj and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.



United States

Great Jobs, Working with Neeraj has been an absolute pleasure! His dedication to our project was evident from the start. Neeraj is very patience and he know his tasks. Communication skill is good, we need to discuss and fine tune to get the work complete. I highly recommend him for any project that requires top-notch performance and professionalism.



United States

I had the pleasure of working with Neeraj, an excellent web developer, and I am delighted to provide a review of their services. Neeraj's expertise, professionalism, and dedication made the web development project a seamless and successful experience. He consistently exceeded our expectations with his in-depth understanding of his tasks and attention to detail.



United States

Neeraj is a great freelancer to work with. He is very helpful and approachable and is always available to answer any questions. He is very flexible, appreciates the expertise, open for suggestions and development, very smart guy. He approached our project with diligence and always ensured that he understood the task at hand. I would highly recommend working with him!

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I’m Neeraj Kaushal is a freelance .Net web developer provides freelance .Net web development services at an affordable price with efficiency and effectiveness. As a full-stack developer, I help you to solve problems with very excellent skills and high Technology and provide you with front-end language like HTML, JavaScript, Java, and back-end language also.