The .Net development ecosystem by Microsoft grows over a wide horizon of capabilities and tools. With a wide range of features and consistent updates in the ecosystem. It is somewhat cumbersome for the .Net developers in India to know which of these .Net skills and training is beneficial for their growth and what trainings should they pursue in order to serve their main objective of increasing the marketability and earning big bucks. Some of the most important skills that can help you achieve your goals and help you reach to the top as a candidate for a higher .Net developer salary are:


2. Client-side web development technologies

3. Databases

4. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

5. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP))

1. ASP .Net MVC:
Over the time, the ASP .Net MVC is smoothly and very rapidly taking over the .Net web development market. According to the popular opinion that web development is the best way to move forward in the programming industry and in order to support you in your journey to the top, this one skill will definitely give you a boost. The .Net developers in India can use this open source web application framework in order to create best in class web applications easily and take advantage of the of the latest client-side web development technologies.

2. Client-side web development technologies:
A .Net developer in India with .NET development skills who can create gorgeous, interactive web applications is likely to earn a higher .NET developer salary, especially if he or she has a strong portfolio of work. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) skills can add an average of 6 percent to a developer’s starting salary. Some of the other client-side web development technologies that are most in demand right now are: HTML, CSS and BootStrap.

3. Databases:
Microsoft .NET plays nicely with every major database out there, but it still takes some knowledge from the developer to work with it. SQL skills are critical, but experience with systems such as Entity Framework also can go a long way toward increasing your value as a .NET developer in today job market. Specific experience with a database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle can also help you achieve a better .NET developer salary.

4. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD):
This specific Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certificate can be another booster to your career as .Net Developer in India or any part of the world. It is an esteemed and a greatly valued designation among developers as it is developed and maintained by Microsoft with a requirement to rectify every two years.

5. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP):
Another prestigious program by Microsoft, the Most Valuable Professional program lets you gain a position as a major player in the job market and help you make the case for a higher .NET developer salary. When employers see that you are a Microsoft MVP, they understand that you have been thoroughly vetted by Microsoft and have a proven track record of leadership and technical excellence in Microsoft technologies.

Skilled .NET developers are some of the most sought-after technology professionals in today’s market. Taking steps to further expand your knowledge and abilities and earn valuable certifications can help set you on the path toward a higher .NET developer salary.

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