How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) in 2023?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is successful in attracting eyeballs throughout the globe by its ability to provide app-like features on the web, meaning you don’t have to download any app, PWA gives you the facilities here you will feel that you are using an app. PWA offers a speedy and marvelous experience for users. It’s very benefitting to the business owners but before going for it, they should also consider exactly how much it costs to develop the technology

So we can use PWA successfully on mobile, computer, laptop, tablet, etc. It’s designed in a way that gives you the best experience on every device it’s compatible with. It even allows the users to work offline and you can easily put the PWAs on your home screens. They also provide push notifications.

If we compare native mobile apps with PWA, we find that PWAs are very cost-effective and can be developed at the cost of a website or an app easily and sometimes even cheaper than an app and website. It is the main benefit of PWA.

Cost of Progressive Web Development App:- The development cost of a Progressive Web Development App can vary from one factor to another if we talk about different nations, Asian countries like India can provide more affordable costs for development as compared to countries like the USA and European countries like Britain because Asian countries pay less to the development teams on the basis of pay per hour as compared to other above mentioned countries. Other than this, the cost depends on the complexity of the app, for example, if a user wants a more complex app, the cost rises. How the app functions is an important factor on which the cost of PWAs depends.

So let’s start with the maintenance cost, Web development requires 15-20 percent of the total cost for its maintenance. So as compared to native mobile applications, PWAs are cheaper so the business owners can easily implement PWA maintenance techniques for maintaining the Web Development App.

User Requirements:- PWA cost also depends on the needs of the users. For a good business interface, one has to make an attractive and user – friendly setup. If you want to increase your market value, you have to design your application such that it attracts customers and they can recommend your application to others too. Make your app setup catchy and easy to use. So while you decide on your budget consider these factors too.

Pricing:- You can get different pricing models from Web development companies so that you can easily choose the best price for your business project/model.

As discussed above, PWA companies have an hourly rate model in which developers get paid per hour. In India, the average pay per hour varies from INR 2,000 to 4,000.

Companies also have a fixed rate model, it’s mainly used in large-scale projects which don’t have any fixed timeline so the development teams get a fixed amount as final pricing after going through all the costs for the project.

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