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What are the Technologies used in developing a travel portal application

Due to the emergence of technology, various companies are focusing on developing a travel portal application which helps travelers with booking flights & hotels, identifying the most famous destinations, hastily booking train & bus tickets and so on.

By developing a travel portal, it helps travelers to ease their planning for family trips or business trips. But to develop such a portal is not an easy task for companies and, because of that reason, they hire professionals who can develop such a portal which is easily accessible for travelers.

To develop a travel portal application, various technologies were required, like:

1 Frontend: Consists of structure of webpage, design, animations which are necessary while developing a travel portal
2 JavaScript: Software which helps in making the webpages interactive
3 HTML: Used to display documents on the webpage
4 Backbone.js: Software which helps in simplifying the operation by having all the information on a single page
5 Angular: Google software which helps in building a dynamic web application
6 Cascading Style Sheets: Used for formatting the information
7 React: Facebook software which helps in building User Interface
8 JQuery: A part from JavaScript which helps in the navigation of the travel portal
9 Ember.js: Most widely used open-source framework which is common on Netflix, Apple, LinkedLIn. It is used in the flow of data and also helps in data management solutions.

These were some of the technologies which are essential for developing a travel portal application. These technologies are the basis on which any application is built. Some more technologies are necessary, like XML, GDS and API. Usually these technologies are helpful for companies if they are planning to provide the benefits of booking flights and hotel tickets for their travelers. It has become easy for travelers to book their hotel and flight tickets. By combining these technologies, a professional, reliable and compatible travel portal application is developed and makes the life of travelers easy.