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What Are The Type of Development Solutions & Services That ASP.NET Offers?

Microsoft .NET Framework swept the web development industry by storm with unique offerings like multiple scripting languages and wide porting possibilities. Dot Net App Development rose up from legacy desktop applications to consumer & enterprise-level web applications. It is now spreading across other window-based devices like smartphones and other handheld devices.

Keeping a customer’s website running and performing well is a major challenge, especially while adding new features. While offering an ‘always on’ experience to the customers, it is preferred to take down the website ‘down for maintenance which is much more difficult and costly to fix the issues to keep the site up. Neeraj Kaushal says that this problem with ‘down for maintenance can be solved with ASP.NET MVC websites.

Neeraj Kaushal am a Freelance .NET Web Developer who has expertise in Dot Net Development & Maintenance with the latest MVC-based frameworks. With my ability to combine the modern JS-based frameworks and AJAX with ASP.NET uniquely, I have been able to successfully produce the most advanced .NET-based web application software tools.

Benefits of Dot Net Applications Development Services

Neeraj Kaushal brings fully customized and hand-tailored solutions with the ASP.NET framework. With his 6+ years of experience, I have worked with global clients starting from small to enterprise level in delivering cloud-based desktop web application solutions.

Custom .NET/ASP.NET Development

I fulfill your needs by delivering fully custom .Net Development Services at Affordable Prices. I have experience in offering large-scale enterprise-level web solutions that are compatible with both desktops and web platforms.


. Flexible models to meet your .NET app needs
. Understanding of deep requirements and study
. Vast integrations and library experience

.NET Web Services & API

I have worked with ASP.NET MVC architecture with backend SOAP API and REST helping the front-end web development needs easily. I have built core business solutions with .NET-based web services and API.
. Web Service Documentation
. SOAP or REST possibilities
. Latest analytics integration and API frameworks

.NET Maintenance & Support

I offer 24 x 7 .NET Development & Maintenance support for your web applications. I support and maintain some of the most large-scale enterprise applications.
. Cloud & Server maintenance
. 24 x 7 technical support
. Code upkeep & DevOps management